Health-tech SaaS enabling veterinarians to provide online consultations to pet owners

Branding & Product Design


PetAid, a visionary health-tech startup, approached us to develop a compelling brand identity and user-centric product design for their innovative platform. We took on the challenge of creating a seamless user experience that would revolutionize veterinary care by enabling online consultations between veterinarians and pet owners. Despite the tight timeframe, we embarked on an agile sprint, leveraging collaborative workshops, thorough research, ideation, prototyping, and user testing to deliver exceptional results.

Challenges & Goals

The main challenge for PetAid was the limited timeframe to establish their brand identity, develop a responsive website, and create a clickable prototype for international pitches. Our primary goal was to build a strong and recognizable brand that would resonate with both veterinarians and pet owners, while designing a user-friendly platform that would facilitate seamless online consultations.

Approach & Process

To address PetAid’s challenges, we adopted an agile approach that allowed us to make significant progress within a tight timeframe. We kicked off the project with a collaborative workshop involving key stakeholders. This workshop helped us gain valuable insights into their vision, target audience, and unique value proposition.

Following the workshop, we conducted thorough research to understand the needs of both veterinarians and pet owners, as well as the competitive landscape of the health-tech industry. Equipped with these insights, we proceeded with ideation sessions, where we generated innovative concepts that would shape the brand identity and product design.

With the ideas in place, we moved on to prototyping and user testing. This iterative process allowed us to refine the platform’s user interface, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience for both veterinarians and pet owners. Through continuous collaboration with the PetAid team and feedback from real users, we were able to create a product that met the needs of all stakeholders.

Design Solutions

Our design solutions for PetAid focused on creating a cohesive and compelling brand identity that conveyed trust, reliability, and innovation. We crafted a corporate branding strategy that included a distinct logo, color palette, typography, and visual elements, all aimed at establishing PetAid as a leading player in the health-tech industry.

For their online presence, we designed a responsive and user-friendly landing page that showcased the platform’s features and benefits. We ensured easy navigation, clear call-to-actions, and engaging visuals to capture the attention of potential users and generate traction for PetAid.

Additionally, we created a clickable prototype that PetAid could use to pitch their platform in Silicon Valley, Finland and other startup hubs. The prototype effectively demonstrated the platform’s functionality and user experience, allowing PetAid to showcase its potential and secure crucial investments for future growth.

Results & Impact

The collaboration with PetAid resulted in remarkable outcomes that lead to closing international investors. The corporate branding elements we developed helped establish a strong and recognizable identity for PetAid, enhancing brand trust and credibility among veterinarians and pet owners alike.

The responsive website we designed provided a seamless experience for users, enabling veterinarians to effortlessly connect with their patients through online consultations. The clickable prototype proved to be an invaluable asset, facilitating investor pitches and generating interest in PetAid’s innovative SaaS solution.

The success of the project demonstrated the effectiveness of our collaborative approach, leveraging workshops, research, ideation, prototyping, and user testing to deliver exceptional results within a limited timeframe.

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