Startup Turbo for Bootstrappers 🚀

From the inital idea to your first  100 customers

In record time and without detours.

Is your idea still in its infancy and you’re wondering where to start? Do you need branding that works, a website that rocks, an offer that excites? Or maybe just a clear plan?

That’s what I’m here for!

Proven to work

Roadmap To Early Startup Success

1. Action Plan

Your step-by-step plan

No more guessing games – together we’ll draft your individual step-by-step plan to navigate you safely through the maze from idea to launch.

2. Branding

Your brand's look & feel

We put together an authentic branding – with a look that sticks and words that strike a chord with your customers.

3. Website & MVP

Your online showcase

We’ll setup a website and turn your idea into an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) aka. your very first offering that really whets the appetite for more – whether it’s a service or the next top app.

4. Traction

Your first fans

Who doesn’t love early success? I’ll show you how to win your first 100 customers and create a story that you not only want to tell, but that investors will want to hear.

→ Your project, your rules 🫵 

Done-4-You or Do-It-Yourself: you choose the way.


Startup Jumpstart

Your fast track to start-up success

This is your all-in-one shortcut to boost your startup, designed for founders who mean business and want to get sh*t done now and not in months.

We’ll jumpstart our journey with our famous BrandQuest deep-dive and a personalized action plan tailored to your needs and goals. Then, you choose your path: let me do the heavy lifting or take charge yourself.

From branding to website, MVP, UX/UI, and social media – I’ve got you covered.

🤝 Clear Deadlines
🤝 Straightforward Pricing
🤝 Full Usage Rights

DIY Support

Lean Startup Kitchen

12 week cohort

Tight on funds, but still want my help in getting your startup idea off the ground?

Let’s make it happen. In my Lean Startup Kitchen, I’ll show you how to:

  • validate your idea
  • create your own brand,
  • build your first offer and
  • charm these first 100 customers of yours.

So, roll up your sleeves and get to work alongside other entrepreneurs.

🤝 LIVE Workshops
🤝 Honest Feedback
🤝 Peer Exchange

Not sure, what’s the right path for you? Let’s figure it out together!
Book a free call 🤙 



Success Stories

Curious to see my work in action? Check out some examples of past collaborations. From ambitious entrepreneurs to groundbreaking tech companies, I’ve helped startups in many industries achieve their goals.

I stand for clear, pragmatic solutions and real progress. See for yourself what’s possible and imagine what we can achieve for your startup.


SaaS Branding & UX/UI Design
Transforming Veterinary Care with Innovative Health-Tech Solutions

Gold Nugget Ventures

Branding & Landing Page in <24hrs 
Startup Consultancy helping entrepreneurs to get funded.

Yoga & Socks

Strategy, Branding & Product Design
Empowering Yoga Instructors with an Online Community Platform


Strategy, Branding & MVP in <1 week
Elevating Traditional Tea Culture through a Mobile App

Want to experience this transformation yourself?


What to Expect

Trust the voices of those who’ve already partnered with me.

“Working with LUA LAB was a game-changer. The collaboration was super smooth and seamless. Alexandra’s communication style was refreshing and transparent, keeping us in the loop every step of the way. It felt like we were working side by side. And the best part? We saw traction. Investors were intrigued, and early adopters have made our inbox overflow. LUA LAB is not your average agency; Alexandra truly cares about your success and delivers way beyond expectations.”

Suki Z.



Validated Product Ideas


Enhanced Brand Perception


Accelerated Time to Market


Better Product-Market-Fit


User-Centric Design


Cost-Effective Solutions

Thank you very much for the BrandQuest. I have never seen such a complete report or briefing in my professional life and I think you bring a lot of value to the people who choose to hire you, I am very happy and I think it was the best choice to put myself in your hands.

Rocío M.C.
Topetto Studio

Alexandra was a great help in creating our startup pitch deck. She managed to put into words what we as founders weren’t able to describe succinctly. In addition, Alexandra gave our pitch deck an easy to follow structure and had some great input on the design elements and consistency. I would highly recommend her!

Lisa H.M.

I met Alexandra in a workshop where she told her founding journey. I identified with her immediately and felt like I needed to know more. Funnily enough, she felt the same. When she heard about my many business ideas and motivation, she suggested a BrandQuest workshop. It was the best for a broke and clueless entrepreneur like me. After an intense 3 hour session, I now have clarity about my brand and the steps I have to take. I already used some of her suggestions in my work because she is so spot on with her analysis. Alexandra is a fun and enthusiastic person who is full of creative ideas. I can highly recommend this workshop with her.

Gitanjali M.
The Confused Mother

Thanks to Alexandra, I have a brand identity that I can proudly show off. I really couldn’t be happier.

Christine L.

Alex, thank you! I’ve felt like a hamster on a wheel for a while now – always running but never really getting anywhere. The BrandQuest really opened my eyes! It feels like I’ve reinvented my business – and the initial reactions from my customers have been amazing!

Judith W.

BrandQuest was a game-changer for our startup, providing a clear roadmap and spot-on branding that helped us attract our first investors.

Brenda B.
La Honguería

Alex took the time to understand my startup’s history, evolution, personality and values – all important elements I wanted to portray in the brand. Alex is not only extremely talented in design, but also a focused strategist. She is professional, goes above and beyond – nothing is ever a problem, and she delivers what she promises. If you are looking for an agency to help you bring your brand vision to life, you are in great hands! Thank you.

Alex H.

We were totally focused on fundraising and finding investors, but somehow our app was neglected. Alexandra showed us how we can get started right away with a simple bootstrap approach. We’re already getting our first user feedback with our MVP. That’s worth its weight in gold – not only for us, but also for future discussions with investors!

Robert M.

I first worked with Alexandra on my personal brand as a yoga teacher. She nailed the brief for a personality-driven design and was able to make everything launch-ready. She also helped us with our yoga training project by identifying the brand personality, creating an ideal client profile, delivering a brand manual and of course the design. Alexandra’s ability to listen, understand my brands and deliver projects in a creative way makes her a pleasure to work with.

Ariadna C.
The Yoga Gallery

What can I say? It was as if someone had switched on the light! Thank you, Alex!

Marian N.
Cup O’ Culture

Absolutely reliable and dependable. The creative ideas were great and helped us a lot. Above all, the personal touch in the support was very important to us. She was there for us with all our concerns.

Eva & Fabian M.
Salt’n Daisy


Idea Lab

The clocks tick differently here

The LUA LAB is not your typical agency and not your typical freelancer either. We like to think of LUA LAB as your freegency bringing the best of both worlds and leaving all the bullsh*it aside. (You can read more about what that means to us, right here.)

At LUA LAB, we bootstrap, we experiment, test and learn. We’re pragmatic and want to get your idea out of your head and into the market lightning fast.

Founder Alexandra accompanies you personally from your inital idea to your first 100 customers.

She sets the direction, challenges you and ensures that you don’t just get started, but also see it through.

Always staying true to the motto:
“Done is better than perfect, if perfect never gets done”.


I’m Alexandra,
your startup co-pilot.

From the initial idea to launch, I’m here to navigate this exciting time with you.

Supporting startups with product strategy, design and branding for over twelve years now, I know the rollercoaster ride of starting a business and how important it is to test and learn quickly on the market.

I’m a nerd when it comes to things like:


🤓 Lean Thinking
🤓 Product Management
🤓 UX/UI Design
🤓 Digital Marketing
🤓 Copywriting
🤓 Branding

Take action

Ready to take action?

Not sure, what’s the right path for you? Let’s figure it out together! Book a free call 🤙