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Design and Branding

Designing robust brands, captivating websites, and cutting-edge digital products that help startups launch, pitch, grow and thrive.


Powerful solutions tailored for startups

At LUA LAB, we specialize in providing comprehensive solutions designed specifically for startups. We understand that building a strong brand identity and a compelling digital presence are crucial for attracting investors and prospects. That’s why our services cover three core areas:

Strategy, Identity, Activation

Branding for startups

Our branding solutions lay the foundation for your startup’s success. We’ll work closely with you to develop a strategic brand roadmap that aligns with your goals. From crafting a unique identity to activating your brand across various touchpoints, our refined design aesthetics and strategic approach will give your startup a competitive edge.

Structure, Design, Implementation

Web Design for Startups

An engaging website is the gateway to your startup’s success. Our team will create a fully customized website that tells your brand’s story, captivates your audience, and converts prospects into clients. With a reliable content management system and a focus on ease of use, we’ll ensure your website stands out from the crowd.

Research, Strategy, UX, UI, Prototyping, Testing

Product Design for Startups

User experience is paramount in today’s digital landscape. Whether you’re at the ideation stage of an MVP, or refining an existing product, our product design expertise will streamline your startup’s journey. Through thorough research, user-centered design, and functional UI, we’ll help you deliver hassle-free experiences that accelerate your startup’s growth.



Discover our success stories

Curious to see our expertise in action? Explore our portfolio of successful startup collaborations. From ambitious entrepreneurs to groundbreaking tech ventures, we’ve helped startups across industries achieve their goals. Each project showcases our dedication, creativity, and passion for delivering outstanding results. Take a closer look and envision the possibilities for your own startup.


Transforming Veterinary Care with Innovative Health-Tech Solutions


Health-tech mobile app for domestic care providers

Yoga & Socks

Empowering Yoga Instructors with an Online Community Platform


Elevating Traditional Tea Culture through a Mobile App


What to Expect

Trust the voices of those who’ve already partnered with us.

“Working with LUA LAB was a game-changer. The collaboration was super smooth and seamless. Alexandra’s communication style was refreshing and transparent, keeping us in the loop every step of the way. It felt like we were working side by side. And the best part? We saw traction. Investors were intrigued, and potential customers have made our inbox overflow. LUA LAB is not your average agency; they truly care about your success and deliver beyond expectations.”

Suki Z.



Accelerated Time to Market


User-Centric Design


Validated Product Ideas


Enhanced Brand Perception


Cost-Effective Solutions



Empowering startups for success

At LUA LAB, we go beyond being just another agency. We are designers, advisors, and brand creators committed to empowering startups like yours. Whether you’re in the pre-seed stage or preparing for Series B funding, our expertise and industry insights will guide you through the challenges of scaling your business.

About the founder

A glipmse behind the scenes

Alexandra Jeglitsch is the visionary founder behind LUA LAB.

As a dedicated ally for startups and entrepreneurs, Alexandra has been working closely with emerging businesses since 2012. Her background in Design and Product Management and her relentless pursuit of excellence which led her to acquire further expertise in UX/UI design, copywriting, digital marketing, branding, etc. enables her to provide comprehensive solutions to startups at every stage.

What sets LUA LAB apart is Alexandra’s personal involvement in each project. Despite the growth, she remains committed to maintaining a hands-on approach, ensuring that every client receives the utmost care and attention. 

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