Health-tech mobile app for domestic care providers

UX/UI Design


CloudrabbIT came to me with a glowing recommendation from a happy client. They needed our expertise in UX/UI design to create a mobile app for Longevo, their health-tech product. The app was designed to change how domestic care providers handle their work schedules, client details, vacation time, and more. We were excited to dive in and design a user-friendly and attractive mobile experience.

Needs & Goals

The client wanted a robust mobile app that would make the complex job of managing domestic care much simpler. Their aim was to give care providers a powerful tool that could manage schedules, keep track of client information, and handle other key tasks with ease. They needed an app that was easy to use, looked great, and responded well to the specific needs of care providers, ultimately boosting their productivity and improving their day-to-day work experience.

Approach & Process

To fulfill CloudrabbIT’s needs, I took a structured approach that focused on really understanding who the users are, doing user research, and applying user-centered design principles. Here’s how I did it:

  • Kick-off: Our first virtual meeting was crucial. It helped me understand the daily challenges and needs of domestic care providers. By getting to grips with their workflows, motivations, and preferences, I could design user flows that really made sense for them.

  • Wireframing and Prototyping: With the insights from our initial research, I started to sketch out wireframes. These laid out the app’s structure, how users would navigate it, and its key features. Early feedback on these helped us ensure we were on the right track. Then, I turned these wireframes into interactive prototypes to test how the app felt in action and to make sure my design choices worked well.

  • Visual Design: Taking cues from CloudrabbIT’s brand identity and design guidelines, I crafted a visually appealing interface that matched their vision and struck a chord with the users. We chose colors, typography, icons, and other visual elements carefully to make the app not only looking good but also easy to use.

  • Iterative Design and Collaboration: I kept in touch with the CloudrabbIT team throughout the design process, incorporating their feedback and addressing their needs at every step. This iterative approach helped me refine the designs continuously, ensuring the final screens were exactly what they needed for the development phase.

Results & Impact

Working together with CloudrabbIT, we delivered a comprehensive mobile app that has really transformed the way domestic care providers manage their daily tasks.

The app lets care providers efficiently track their work shifts, manage client details, handle vacation requests, and access key resources all in one place. This streamlined approach cuts down the need for manual, scattered processes, saving time and reducing the hassle of administrative tasks.

Thanks to the iterative design process and ongoing dialogue with the CloudrabbIT team, we made sure the final product met their expectations and needs. By keeping communication open, we were able to incorporate their valuable input, creating an app that truly meets the needs of domestic care providers.

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