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MVP Design


Takami, a traditional tea shop with a rich history, approached me with an exciting proposition: to help them reposition by rebranding and designing a mobile app that would bring their time-honored tea culture to a younger audience.

While they were enthusiastic about digital expansion, they also recognized potential challenges. Concerned that their target audience might prefer in-person experiences over a digital platform, Takami sought my guidance not only for app design but also for recommendations on developers and, crucially, a marketer to ensure the project resonated with their customers.

Strategic Approach and Initial Testing

Understanding the risks involved with developing a full-fledged product without validating the market fit, I suggested a more cautious approach. Before committing significant resources, I recommended conducting a one-week sprint to develop a proof-of-concept or a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). This would allow us to test the waters and see if there was a genuine interest and market fit for the app.

Implementation of Strategy and User Engagement

To attract and identify early adopters, I crafted a strategy that included setting up a landing page with an exclusive early-bird offer for the first subscribers of the app. This approach was designed not only to gauge interest but also to build a base of potential first users who could provide valuable feedback. I developed a compelling brand identity and designed several screens of what the potential app MVP could look like, giving visitors the impression that the app was nearly ready for launch.

Early-bird subscribers were encouraged to select features they found most desirable, which played a crucial role in shaping the future design and functionality of the product. This direct user input was instrumental in ensuring that the development efforts would be aligned with customer expectations and needs.

MVP Design and Initial Feedback

With the brand identity set and the landing page live, the initial response was overwhelmingly positive. The early-bird sign-up strategy not only validated the interest in the app but also created a buzz around Takami’s digital transformation. Subscribers were excited about the possibility of exploring tea culture digitally and expressed keen interest in features like virtual tea ceremonies and a curated selection of teas.

Results & Impact

The strategic approach paid off, allowing Takami and me to gather essential insights and affirm the market demand before full-scale development. The proof-of-concept phase was crucial in demonstrating the potential of a digital platform to engage younger tea lovers and expand Takami’s audience.

Brand Elevation: The rebranding and even the outlook on an app repositioned Takami as an innovative tea brand that bridges the old and the new. This digital presence has attracted a younger audience, expanded Takami’s customer base, and opened new avenues for growth.


This project exemplifies how a thoughtful, strategy-driven approach can mitigate risks and uncover valuable insights in developing digital products. By initiating a one-week sprint for a proof-of-concept, we not only confirmed the market fit for Takami’s app but also laid the groundwork for its future development based on real user feedback.

This case study highlights my commitment to aligning business goals with user needs and delivering solutions that resonate with target audiences.

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