Authentic Branding

Building personality fueled brands

As your co-pilot, we accompany you during takeoff. Together, we will disentangle your ideas, discover your personal touch and translate it into an authentic branding and design. We’ll help you magically attract clients by being yourself.

Step 1

The foundation of your brand

In our 3-4 hour online workshop we will establish the fundamental pillars of your brand:

✨ Your ideal customer and how to reach them

✨ The key message of your communication.

✨ Your brand’s personality and voice.

✨ A step-by-step guide on how to proceed

Step 2

Let’s design your brand

In our 1-2 day intensive session we will materialize everything discovered in the BrandQuest:

✨ Your visual branding

✨ Your brand’s logbook

✨ All the marketing materials

✨ Your responsive website

Ready for take-off?

Let’s make sure I’m your ideal co-pilot.

Pilot projects

Ariadna Castorena | Branding & Design by LUA LAB

Ariadna Castorena

In her yoga studio “The Yoga Gallery” in Salzburg, Ariadna shares her passion for yoga and Ayurveda. | Branding & Design by LUA LAB

Tina Lind

Christine Lindsberger captures the essence of herbs, roots, leaves and flowers and transforms them into sauna infusions. | Branding & Design by LUA LAB

Chope Diaz

Filmmaker and editor. His documentaries and short films consist of video, music, dialogues, graphics, effects, but above all stories. | Branding & Design by LUA LAB


KWRAP vehicle wraps will help you fulfill your dream of a perfect vehicle: with your individual color or design.

Yoga & Socks | Branding & UX Design by LUA LAB


Mentally, emotionally and physically fit.
Yoga & Socks teaches yoga as a holistic way of life and connects highly qualified yoga teachers with their communities.

Exemplary high flyers

I didn’t realize how important it was to have an authentic voice and image. I was struggling to get the clients I wanted until I met with Alex and took the BrandQuest. She gave me a really valuable perspective. She encouraged me to show more of my personality and gave me specific tips that I could implement immediately. And it works wonders!

Chope Diaz

Filmmaker & Editor

Step by step we went through Alex’s BrandCoup. The ideas proposed were very creative and at the highest level. In a 1-day session, I had everything ready: logo, marketing materials, and even my own website! The marketing efforts have made my inbox overflow and my phone ring, and I’m getting booked by really cool clients ever since.

Philipp Kocher


Ready for take-off?

Let’s make sure, I’m your ideal co-pilot.